vbnetKKTechGameMaster (Projects - Role-Playing Aid)

Release Notes - Installation

To suppress script errors and stop popups you have to modify IE Internet Options: Advanced - Browsing - Disable script debugging(Other)

No Third Party components and/or Third Party fonts, free for personal use only, will be distributed with vbnetKKTechGameMaster.

If you want to use anyone of the fonts suggested in the fonts' combo boxes, you can download them, for personal use only, from the sites suggested below:

If you dont want to use anyone of the fonts suggested in the fonts' combo boxes, you have to modify the conf files to remove the undesired fonts.

The vbnetKKTechGameMaster was tested under Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack 2.

If you work under Windows XP, You may need to install/re-install the:
SAPI 4.0 speech runtime support

You may have problems under older Microsoft Operating System versions or under Windows XP Professional and Home Editions installations.
In these cases you may have to download and install:
Microsoft Agent 2.0 Add-in: SAPI 4 control panel applet
Microsoft Agent 2.0 Core components self-installing executable
Microsoft Agent 2.0 Merlin Character
Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice TTS engine - American English
SAPI 4.0 speech runtime support

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